Democrat Jokes

There are a lot of funny things that democrats do. Typically, the Republicans and other conservatives love to poke fun at (1) how much money the democrats spend, (2) the increase, in size, of the government, and (3) taking away freedom of choice. Besides these three main points, conservatives love to make Democrat jokes for the simple reason that it is a good way to “blow off some steam”.

How Much Money The Democrats Spend

One favorite joke about Democrats is how much money they spend. If there is a social program, Democrats look to support it. A billion for this and a trillion for that have created a huge deficit for the United States. The irony is that it’s not all the Democrats fault. The Republicans have spent Zillions on Defense and corporate welfare and a drug prescription program. The point is that the conservatives love to point out that government has no business in social welfare. Instead, many conservatives believe that people can voluntarily be charitable and fill the needs that government fills for a lot less money and with the important ingredient of voluntary consent.

Here is an example of one of these jokes. What did the Democrat say to the Republican about the government spending too much money for welfare? “If only you had a heart, you wouldn’t allow others to suffer and die needlessly”. The conservative responded “If only YOU had a heart, you wouldn’t be trying to take out a piece of mine without consent”.

The Continual Increase, in Size, of the Government

Government is so big and nosey, nowadays, that people call it their big brother. They are “looking out for you and taking care of you”. Many democrats wish that the government would take care of the needs of all the people. Democrats are not so concerned with how large the government is, but are more concerned with how people are treated and taken care of. They are, in effect, voting for the regular working person.

Conservatives, on the other hand, like to help people. Many conservatives donate liberally to their churches and charities. However, conservatives think that social programs are not the responsibility of the government. For example, conservatives believe that your family, church, and friends should take care of you. If that doesn’t work, you can always depend on the kindness of strangers.

Here is an example of a joke about the size of government. A Republican and Democrat were talking one day about how big the government was. The Democrat said, ” The government is getting pretty large, but I like it that way. That way, I know that I will always have someone looking out for me and taking care of me”. The Republican replied, ” I would agree with you that it is nice to have someone looking out for you. However, I think a real person is a better someone than any government program.”

Taking Away Freedom of Choice

Conservatives think that what you earn should be yours to keep. Taxes should be low and the government should be light. This gives people an incentive to work hard and be productive. They can actually get ahead a lot easier because they retain more wealth. More importantly, conservatives believe it is wrong to take money from one person and give it to someone else. In fact, a lot of conservatives consider this redistribution of wealth as legal theft.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe big corporations are evil. They exploit workers and do not pay them fairly or treat them right. That is why big corporations must be taxes. Democrats also believe that nobody is going to step up and help people out. That is why the government must step in and do it. They believe the kind thing to do is tax those that have more and give to those that have less. They often think that those that don’t want to share their wealth are simply “evil” or misinformed people. That is why they do not have a problem with wealth redistribution.

These two opposing ideas have intertwined a freedom aspect. People are taxed for government programs and regulations are imposed that take away freedoms. Some people think of rules as a way to help society become better and yet others think the lightest government of all will be best regardless of the consequences.

Here is an example, of regulatory joke, about the oil spill. Obama’s famous last words: Regarding the oil leaking a mile deep in the gulf, “We’ll get to the bottom of this.” Speaking of BP paying for the clean up, “We’ll spare no expense.” Seeing the murky mess in the water, “I want to make this clear.” Speaking to the BP execs, “Make no mistake.” Then trying to be the man in charge, “We’re going to kick ass, when we find out whose ass to kick!”